For those about to arrive, we salute you – but please, read this first

Even if the last weeks have been exhausting, rough and even dangerous, we’re glad to inform that the resistance still exist!

The care for our environment, nor future generations have not succumbed in front of our oppressors, and for that we have you, our supporters to thank of. Every act of solidarity works like fuel for our struggle against those who seeks to maim our future for fast profits.

It pleases us how many of you are showing up here or ready for coming here to help us, but before you pack your backs and jump to a bus, car or start hitchhiking – there is one important thing you need to do: wait for our answer/instructions!

Don’t just drop a message and start travelling, but make sure we give you further instructions first! Because of the hectic times in the nearby past and our momentarily lack of transportation – we have to keep comings and goings tightly organised!

Safe travels and thank you all! We have a whole summer ahead of us: there’s plenty of time to come – and plenty of opportunities to get active.

Cops… pardon, those who just do what other’s tell them to have attacked the Stop Fennovoima – and RtC -camps! Support sort of needed

28.4. around 3 pm, riot cops and a police patrol with dogs started to approach the camp. We communicated clearly to the police with a megaphone that they are not welcome, and we don’t want to engage in conflict with them. The police didn’t say anything or answer any questions.

The police started to shoot people with a projectile / rubber bullet gun and the people at the camp defended themselves by throwing rocks. The police were clearly aiming for the activists heads, backs of heads and upper bodies with the gun. People got hit several times on the area of their upper bodies. As far as we know, not to their heads though… The police got hit several times with the rocks, and there was one police car burning up in flames at the area.

After a long struggle with delay tactics, the police managed to move ahead to the camp when the people who were defending the camp disappeared to the forest. In the camp the police shot projectiles towards the kitchen-collective people. The police evacuated all the people from the camp, and took some people into custody.

During the day cops arrested 35 people. Most of them are released by now. 9 people are kept in custody still and 4-6 of them are faced with threat of deportation. We will update situation soon.

The police have also threatened to evict another camp location which is still in our use.

We don’t accept giving into repression and police violence, and the struggle against Fennovoima will continue.

Now we’ll need everyone to help build up the camp again, and to continue the fight and actions against Fennovoima. We invite comrades to this fight wherever you are – let’s aim our actions towards the companies which are working with/for Fennovoima, the embassies of Finland, or the local police.

A nonviolent human chain with lock-ons blocked the traffic to the construction on 28.4.


The participants of Reclaim the Cape action week blocked the construction site road to the Fennovoima-Rosatom site on Thursday 28.4. before the police attacked the camp. A human chain was made on the road that leads to the construction site. Some of the people locked themselves together with pipelocks and some of the people locked on to heavy barrels.

There were two barrels which were filled up with concrete and other heavy materials. The activists had locked themselves to locks which were built inside the barrels, and there were activists locked on to the barrel-activists, so they formed a chain to block the traffic on the road.

– We are all very shocked by what happened yesterday, and we have been processing it privately and in groups. We have all decided to take part in this nonviolent civil disobedience action to show that we won’t let nasty comments and single sad cases bring us down as an action group. Personally, the hardships that faced me have only made me more determined to continue my actions, said Lotta Kangas, who participated in the action.


It took almost three hours for the police to come to the blockade. But when they came there was a lot of them: from 7 to 12 cop cars and they had riot equipment and police dogs. Also a helicopter circulated around the area.

The police dismantled the blockade in a rush, and according the information we’ve had one person had to get an ambulance, and some other people had some minor injuries. There were a lot of people taken to the custody. Some of them have been released this morning after a night spent in Raahe, but some people are still kept in and threatened to be arrested.

Reclaim the Cape actionweek will continue as planned when it comes to the rest of the program. There will be a Belgian pacifistic group presentation of Bombspotters today, and some other lectures coming up during the weekend. The actionweek will continue until Sunday, and after that the protest camp against Fennovoima will continue its life in Pyhäjoki atleast for the summer, hopefully and most likely even longer!

Russian enviromentalist group’s greeting to Reclaim the Cape: expression of support for environmentalist struggle at Pyhäjoki

A group of Russian enviromentalist NGO’s, groups and networks express their support for environmental struggle at Pyhäjoki, Finland. The original release can be read here

“Russian environmental organizations and groups support the protests of Finnish NGOs and activists against a nuclear power plant construction in Hanhikivi.

We believe, that all the nuclear power plants shall be decommissioned, following the examples of Italy, Lithuania and German nuclear phase-out policy. We think, that it is irresponsible to continue production of radioactive waste mountains and nuclear threats for future generations.

There are feasible alternatives for nuclear energy: energy saving and renewable sources of energy. We hope, both Russia and Finland should collaborate in these sustainable industries and stop the dangerous, unsustainable and irresponsible reactor export project from Russia to Finland.”

– Albert Gatapov, Kazan – Tatartstan Antinuclear Movement

– Anna Vinogradova, Balakovo, Program on Nuclear and Radiation Threat of Russian Social-Ecological Union / Friends of the Earth – Russia

– Nadezhda Kutepova, Ozersk, Planet of Hopes -NGO

– Natalie Mironova, Chelyabinsk, Movement for Nuclear Safety

– Oleg Bodrov, Sosnovy Bor – St. Petersburg, Green World -NGO

– Andrey Talevlin, Chelyabinsk, For Nature -Movement

– prof. Alexey Yablokov, Moscow, Nuclear and Radiation Safety Program, International Social-Ecological Union

– Oxana Tzitzer, Moscow, Ecoaccord -NGO

– Vladimir Lagutov, Rostov-on-Don, Green Don -NGO

– Nikolay Rybakov, St.Petersburg, NGO

– Askhat Kajumov, Nizhny Novgorog, Dront Ecocentre

– Vitaly Servetnik, Murmansk, Russian Social-Ecological Union / Friends of the Earth – Russia and Decommision network

– Tatyana Pautova, Nizhny Novgorog, Nizhny Novgorog Antinuclear Movement

– Dmitry Nesterov, Arkhangelsk, AETAS -NGO