Stop the Risky Game of Fennovoima! -demonstration in Helsinki 29.6.2016

Who would take the nuclear waste of the NPP project envisioned in Pyhäjoki for the next 100 000 years?

June 2016 should have been – once again – a landmark in the story of Fennovoima, – by the end of the month – the company should have announced the plans concerning the final disposal of it’s nuclear waste.

Fennovoima’s deal with Posiva to bury it’s nuclear waste in ’the cave’ of Onkalo has failed, and Fennovoima has announced in it’s press release that the location for final disposal will not be solved during this summer by any means.

Is Posiva going to experience the similar kind of ministry level political pressure that forced energy company Fortum to join Fennovoima? Or will this project – known from Croatian postbox company Migrit, with it’s un-payed salaries of million euros, and permission application delays– start a new risky game of final disposal of nuclear waste in some municipality of Finland?

On Wednesday 29th of June, we will march to show that we’ve had enough of the nuclear power project! It is economically, politically and technically dangerous! At one o’clock we will gather on Narinkkatori from where we will start our march to the Ministry of Employment and Economics with our message.

Friends of the earth’s group on nuclear power
Women for Peace
Women against Nuclear Energy

With us are also:
The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC)
The Finnish Nature League
ydinvoima (at)

It is good to know as well that…
* Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) has announced that it is concerned about the security culture of the nuclear power project, Fennovoima. It requires open management practices and detailed reports about knowledge and experience on nuclear energy.

* According to the public opinion polls made by Helsingin Sanomat and WWF; only 1/3 support the project and half are against.

* The critical voices have been silenced on all levels. For many years, the people who have been resisting this project by using democratic channels have experienced frustration. Three times local politicians in Pyhäjoki have denied calls for referendums the nuclear issue.

* This unprofitable NPP project could not exists without the support of tax payers. Private investors have either left the project (eg: S-group) or are trying to abandon it (eg: Kesko and Valio). It is impossible to find investors. Contracts are designed to make divestment from Fennovoima very difficult.

* Negligence and omissions have led to accidents on the work fields of the main designer of Fennovoima (Atomproekt, daughter company of Rosatom) in Sosnovyi Bor (Russia) and Ostrovets (Belarus). This year in Ostrovets, metal construction was crushed during concrete casting. In 2011, in Sosnovyi Bor a 1200 ton metal construction collapsed. At the same site, in July 2015, a 70 ton tube construction caused damages when it dropped into the reactor.