Solidary from around the world

Solidary is a verb, so they say! Here are some of the solidarity greetings that the protest camp has received so far.

Thank you!

From abroad

Forest occupation in Köln, near Hambach that’s been there since spring 2015, sends their greetings.

The occupation is fighting against the energy company RWE’s lignite mine which is the Europe’s largest source of CO2.

When in Pyhäjoki they are crying about few cut hydraulic hoses, in Hambach a bundle of power cables was burnt: halting the operations of the entire mine for two days. The eco-terrorist- company RWE suffered major financial loses.

Bures, France.


LAUtonomy forest occupation in Lusat, Germany, is greeting their colleagues in the north. They are fighting against the energy company Vattenfall’s lignite mine.

The climate change doesn’t stop at nation’s boarders: “Like the ZADs (Zones a defendre, Areas to defend) in France, the No TAV movement in Italy, the Hambach Forest Occupation near Cologne, Save Skouries in Greece and many others, also “Stop Fennovoima” is a befriended project to us, to which we feel related to.”


Stockholm sent us a postcard: “Solidarity from Stockholm to Pyhäjoki! Fuck Fennovoima-Rosatom! Fuck the cops! Fuck the states!”

On 11.5. in Nancy, near Saint Nicolas de Port, there was approximately 10 people taking part in a demonstration in front of the Finnish consulate, where they demanded the prisoners to be free’d.

Apparently the consulate was angry about the new paint job: “it’s against the deeply rooted humanistic values such as tolerance and freedom, of the Finnish society” which is quite funny concidering the case.



Anarchist mayday march in Tampere had a banner like this.

1.5 Mayday march in Helsinki.

Aura-group from Turku sent their greetings on 3.5:

“Comrades imprisoned in Pyhäjoki must be free’d”

“They have taken our comrades who are against the Fennovoima-Rosatom project, to pretrial imprisonment during the Reclaim the Cape -action week. In solidarity to this we attached a banner to the Martti overpass. We will only grow stronger! Don’t give an inch! #stopfennovoima”.

“Support for Pyhäjoki and the prisoners”

On 4.5. there was another greeting from Turku: “The nuclear power plant project is destroying massive areas of forest in the north: it destroys unique meadows, wetlands and beaches that are valuable not only in their selves but also habitats of unique species and people.”

“The Hanhikivi cape is a conflict zone and it also concerns Turku. Turku city owns Turku Energy which has invested in Fennovoima-Rosatom project. They confirmed their copartnership in february 2014 and decided to invest 39,2 million euros in the years between 2014 and 2024. Most other cities and companies have left the project but not Turku. When will they back out?”

9.5. Turku Energy office:

“Turku Energy get out from Fennovoima!”

“Cops, pigs, Putin’s little minions!”

“Fennovoima: Hand off the Hanhikivi cape! Support for the Pyhäjoki protest camp! Free the prisoners”

Women For Peace and Women Against Nuclear Power networks have already not only expressed their support but also corrected what the YLE Oulu had incorrectly reported in the news:

“Women For Peace and Women Against Nuclear Power networks are supporting the struggle agains nuclear power and the Pyhäjoki protest camp, contrary to what Kati Jurkka (YLE Oulu) wrote today on 29.4. We support peaceful activities but we don’t accept any kind of violence.

Resistance against Fennovoima has to be continued. Hopefully the events of Thursday will inspire foreign supporters to act.”

3.5. A-ryhmä expressed their support for the protest camp.

10.5. around Helsinki there were several banners.

“No nuclear power to Pyhäjoki”

17.5. around Helsinki: