For those about to arrive, we salute you – but please, read this first

Even if the last weeks have been exhausting, rough and even dangerous, we’re glad to inform that the resistance still exist!

The care for our environment, nor future generations have not succumbed in front of our oppressors, and for that we have you, our supporters to thank of. Every act of solidarity works like fuel for our struggle against those who seeks to maim our future for fast profits.

It pleases us how many of you are showing up here or ready for coming here to help us, but before you pack your backs and jump to a bus, car or start hitchhiking – there is one important thing you need to do: wait for our answer/instructions!

Don’t just drop a message and start travelling, but make sure we give you further instructions first! Because of the hectic times in the nearby past and our momentarily lack of transportation – we have to keep comings and goings tightly organised!

Safe travels and thank you all! We have a whole summer ahead of us: there’s plenty of time to come – and plenty of opportunities to get active.