One activist still remains in pretrial custody

Reclaim the Cape -action week took place in Pyhäjoki 22.4.-1.5.2016 and dozens of people where detained by the police. 11 activists were arrested. Five of them were released in few days after the detention. After this, still six activists were kept in remand prison. One activist still remain in prison.

Today on Monday 16.5 there was detention trial and the court decided to continue the imprisonment of the activist. The only explanation for the continued imprisonment was that the activist might try to avoid the trial. The lawyer argued that this is not sufficient enough ground for the continued imprisonment, because all other activists living permanently abroad have already been released. Neither the court nor the police responded to or commented this argument. The charges must to be pressed by the end of this month (31.5) but it is possible that the prosecutor will do it earlier. In worst case the trial won’t be until the mid of June. The activist is suspected for violent rioting and violently resisting the police. In other words, the suspections are not more aggravated in the case of this activist than the activists who have already been released.

All documents have now been sent to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor will receive them later during this week. That the documents have been sent means that the police investigation is over. In addition to deciding whether to press the charges, the prosecutor can freely decide whether the activist will be released or not.

The treatment of the activist during the imprisonment has been more adequate since last Friday. Before that the cell was not cleaned at all.

On Friday 13.5 the communication ban was cancelled. This has enabled longer phone calls with the family, calls to friends and receiving and sending letters and postcards. On Monday 16 May we delivered more books and snuff to the prisoner.

At the moment a lot of different support actions are needed! Organise a support cafe or a demonstration in your city, take part in solidarity actions or travel to the camp to show that the resistance will not end by putting activists behind bars!

The prisoner is an anarchist so comrades around the world – now is the time to act!


Earlier update on 13.5: Updates about the prisoners in Pyhäjoki and their treatment by the police