Prisoner’s trial is on 8.6!

The activist has been in pretrial imprisonment now for more than a month. Finally the actual trial will be on 8th of June at 9 AM in the Raahe Court House (Sovionkatu 1, 92100 Raahe)

The money transfer system that the prison uses doesn’t work, so the prisoner hasn’t been able to call his loved ones more than a couple of times after being transferred to Oulu a few weeks ago.

Update: The trial will be held in Raahe (not Oulu!). Not only bank transfers to the prisoner are not possible but also giving cash is not possible.

A letter from the cell

These are some words from one of the arrested activists at Hanhikivi-cape during the Reclaim The Cape -action week.

First of all I would like to thank all the people who fight in solidarity with us and against nuclear-power. It really means a lot to hear that even in other countries people get active and express their dissagreemment and anger towards nuclear industry and the opression of the state that has been keeping us behind closed doors, in concrete boxes, away from our friends, families and beloved ones.

The atomic industry or let’s say mafia is after all a topic that concerns us all. With 300 000 to 500 000 tons of life-hazardous nuclear-waste staying radioactive for a time span of hundreds of thousands of years we are more than ever obliged to take a stand and to shut down this global-polluting, corrupt, capitalistic and life-threatining industry once and for all!

I hope sincerely that our arrestations did not effect the anti-nuclear movement and that people don’t take a step backwards caused by state and police violence that we had to endure these last weeks, solidarity is our strenght! Even if opinions and means can differ from time to time. During the protest camp the repressive means that were used upon our movement were mind blowing, going from pepperspray and electroteasering, do searches in the woods, helicopters and airplanes to one police officer that out of panic literally tried to reach for his fire arm. This is the true face of our opressive system and all this protects one of the worlds most ecologically/socially devastating and polluting companies of all times; Rosatom’s proud architects and constructors of the Chernobyl power plant. That after its core’s fusion caused Earth’s most hazardous nuclear disasters ever seen. Spreading cancers, malformations, mutations (human, fauna and flora alike) and toxic radiated pollution for years to come. I truely hope that this protest-week opened the eyes and minds of not only Finnish citizens and inhabitants of Pyhäjoki, but reached an international, if not global scale of awareness towards the dangers and effects of nuclear power. And that our actions and protest may be an inspiration for others and even for future generations.

Through this rather short letter I would also like to grab the occasion to speak about uranium-mining industry going on in Lapland where this summer another protest week/camp will be organised. Check your resources and networks! Solidarity on international scale is more than welcome, if not needed in Finland!

Thanks for the support and for reading my few words, that we may meet in the struggle somewhere.

Police station of Raahe

Solidary from around the world

Solidary is a verb, so they say! Here are some of the solidarity greetings that the protest camp has received so far.

Thank you!

From abroad

Forest occupation in Köln, near Hambach that’s been there since spring 2015, sends their greetings.

The occupation is fighting against the energy company RWE’s lignite mine which is the Europe’s largest source of CO2.

When in Pyhäjoki they are crying about few cut hydraulic hoses, in Hambach a bundle of power cables was burnt: halting the operations of the entire mine for two days. The eco-terrorist- company RWE suffered major financial loses.

Bures, France.


LAUtonomy forest occupation in Lusat, Germany, is greeting their colleagues in the north. They are fighting against the energy company Vattenfall’s lignite mine.

The climate change doesn’t stop at nation’s boarders: “Like the ZADs (Zones a defendre, Areas to defend) in France, the No TAV movement in Italy, the Hambach Forest Occupation near Cologne, Save Skouries in Greece and many others, also “Stop Fennovoima” is a befriended project to us, to which we feel related to.”


Stockholm sent us a postcard: “Solidarity from Stockholm to Pyhäjoki! Fuck Fennovoima-Rosatom! Fuck the cops! Fuck the states!”

On 11.5. in Nancy, near Saint Nicolas de Port, there was approximately 10 people taking part in a demonstration in front of the Finnish consulate, where they demanded the prisoners to be free’d.

Apparently the consulate was angry about the new paint job: “it’s against the deeply rooted humanistic values such as tolerance and freedom, of the Finnish society” which is quite funny concidering the case.



Anarchist mayday march in Tampere had a banner like this.

1.5 Mayday march in Helsinki.

Aura-group from Turku sent their greetings on 3.5:

“Comrades imprisoned in Pyhäjoki must be free’d”

“They have taken our comrades who are against the Fennovoima-Rosatom project, to pretrial imprisonment during the Reclaim the Cape -action week. In solidarity to this we attached a banner to the Martti overpass. We will only grow stronger! Don’t give an inch! #stopfennovoima”.

“Support for Pyhäjoki and the prisoners”

On 4.5. there was another greeting from Turku: “The nuclear power plant project is destroying massive areas of forest in the north: it destroys unique meadows, wetlands and beaches that are valuable not only in their selves but also habitats of unique species and people.”

“The Hanhikivi cape is a conflict zone and it also concerns Turku. Turku city owns Turku Energy which has invested in Fennovoima-Rosatom project. They confirmed their copartnership in february 2014 and decided to invest 39,2 million euros in the years between 2014 and 2024. Most other cities and companies have left the project but not Turku. When will they back out?”

9.5. Turku Energy office:

“Turku Energy get out from Fennovoima!”

“Cops, pigs, Putin’s little minions!”

“Fennovoima: Hand off the Hanhikivi cape! Support for the Pyhäjoki protest camp! Free the prisoners”

Women For Peace and Women Against Nuclear Power networks have already not only expressed their support but also corrected what the YLE Oulu had incorrectly reported in the news:

“Women For Peace and Women Against Nuclear Power networks are supporting the struggle agains nuclear power and the Pyhäjoki protest camp, contrary to what Kati Jurkka (YLE Oulu) wrote today on 29.4. We support peaceful activities but we don’t accept any kind of violence.

Resistance against Fennovoima has to be continued. Hopefully the events of Thursday will inspire foreign supporters to act.”

3.5. A-ryhmä expressed their support for the protest camp.

10.5. around Helsinki there were several banners.

“No nuclear power to Pyhäjoki”

17.5. around Helsinki:

One activist still remains in pretrial custody

Reclaim the Cape -action week took place in Pyhäjoki 22.4.-1.5.2016 and dozens of people where detained by the police. 11 activists were arrested. Five of them were released in few days after the detention. After this, still six activists were kept in remand prison. One activist still remain in prison.

Today on Monday 16.5 there was detention trial and the court decided to continue the imprisonment of the activist. The only explanation for the continued imprisonment was that the activist might try to avoid the trial. The lawyer argued that this is not sufficient enough ground for the continued imprisonment, because all other activists living permanently abroad have already been released. Neither the court nor the police responded to or commented this argument. The charges must to be pressed by the end of this month (31.5) but it is possible that the prosecutor will do it earlier. In worst case the trial won’t be until the mid of June. The activist is suspected for violent rioting and violently resisting the police. In other words, the suspections are not more aggravated in the case of this activist than the activists who have already been released.

All documents have now been sent to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor will receive them later during this week. That the documents have been sent means that the police investigation is over. In addition to deciding whether to press the charges, the prosecutor can freely decide whether the activist will be released or not.

The treatment of the activist during the imprisonment has been more adequate since last Friday. Before that the cell was not cleaned at all.

On Friday 13.5 the communication ban was cancelled. This has enabled longer phone calls with the family, calls to friends and receiving and sending letters and postcards. On Monday 16 May we delivered more books and snuff to the prisoner.

At the moment a lot of different support actions are needed! Organise a support cafe or a demonstration in your city, take part in solidarity actions or travel to the camp to show that the resistance will not end by putting activists behind bars!

The prisoner is an anarchist so comrades around the world – now is the time to act!


Earlier update on 13.5: Updates about the prisoners in Pyhäjoki and their treatment by the police

Updates about the prisoners in Pyhäjoki and their treatment by the police

Reclaim the Cape -action week took place in Pyhäjoki 22.4.-1.5.2016 and dozens of people where detained by the police. 11 activists were arrested. Five of them were released in few days after the detention. After this, still six activists were kept in remand prison. One activist still remain in prison.

We have sent money, clean clothes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, cigarettes, books etc. to the prisoners as much as we’ve been able. However, the prisoners haven’t received all packages from their parents or other senders. They also haven’t been able to send or receive letters or postcards.

During the imprisonment of the activists the police hasn’t offered legal facilities for the prisoners. Police says that there hasn’t been resources for example for cleaning cells and in the first few days of imprisonment the prisoners didn’t have possibility to wash up and they didn’t have toilet paper or proper food. Also the prisoners didn’t get outside as much as the legal rights would allow.

On Friday 6.5. there was detention trial of two of the activists. Lawyer described this to be a total lynching and the trial was kept without the prosecutor, only the police was present there. Surprisingly the imprisonment continued. These prisoners were released on Tuesday 10.5., but they are still suspected for violent rioting and violently resisting the police. Any charges have not been pressed yet. After these two activists got out from the prison, unfortunately we got information that the police has been bullying the one activist who is still in prison in the middle of the night.

On Thursday 12.5. two activists have been released from the remand prison and one activist on Friday 13.5., but one activist is still imprisoned. Finally, the police has cleaned up the cell after many days of pressure on them about the issue. They also finally let the prisoner outside. At the moment this prisoner has nothing big to complain about the prison facilities, says their lawyer.

On Monday 16.5. there will be detention trial and after that we will know more about the possible continuation of the imprisonment.

Only the closest family and the lawyer have been allowed to visit or have phone calls with the prisoners. Of course for the prisoners whose parents live outside of Finland this hasn’t been possible because of the distances. The prisoners haven’t received all books that have been sent to the police for them. Our lawyer said, that’s unprecedented and unthinkable.

The prisoners who don’t speak finnish have been forced to speak English with their family, even though they could speak in Swedish. Anyhow, Swedish is the second official language of Finland, that fact doesn’t exist “in the Finnish Northern-Ostrobothnia” according to the police.

There has been also other ways of repression. Two camps got evicted and we are still working on if it happened on the legal way. Police has destroyed the camps by leaving a huge mess behind them. Activists were forced to leave the area before all equipment and personal items were collected which has lead to the situation that a lot of stuff is missing. Police said, that all stuff will be found from Pyhäjoki municipality (later we found out that it means landfill in practise) and Raahe police station, where we haven’t found any of the lost stuff yet.


Update on 16.5: One activist still remains in pretrial custody