The support shirts of Pyhäjoki protest camp available NOW!


Check these hot pictures, choose your favourite and make your neighbour jealous! The anti-nuclear support shirts are finally out and available.

There are four basic print models which can be adjusted according to Your needs, my friend. The print colours available: fire red, uranium yellow, green, black and white. The prints are presented below.

There is also variation on the shirts: a fair amount of different sizes, models and colours of different shirts is available in our stock. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, slim-fit, black, white, pink, green – you name it, we find it for you (at least we make our best)!

Print model A:

Every activist needs some tools – mental and physical ones! A bolt cutter is a handy one and it can be now the theme of your customized ”Defend Hanhikivi” shirt. You can have the text ”Stop Fennovoima” instead, or even have the both texts: one on smaller print below the picture, one on bigger print above the pic.

Print model B:

The choise for the proactive! This shirt is the classic bulldozer Hanhikivi shirt: if you see there’s something wrong in the world, climb on top of it, stop it from rolling and shout out your message!

Print model C and print model D

Print model C, at the right side: flowers are nicer than construction works for a nuclear plant: probably we all can agree for that. So have a shirt with a ugly truckload or radioactivity turning into something nice and green!

Print model D, at the left side: this model is for the badass. If someone calls you a property-burning eco terrorist – take that as a badge of honour instead of of a case of name calling.

If you got interested of any shirts below, drop us a message! With a little bit of added postage fees we’ll deliver the shirts globally. You don’t want to miss these:
stopfennovoima [at]

Print A:

Print B:

Print C:

Print D: