“Dialog Devil” car set on fire: road into Fennovoima-Rosatom site blocked

So. A burning drive-by barricade announced “The End of dialogue” at Pyhäjoki on 12th of April.

The original communique was published at do-it-yourself -news portal Takku.net, wich is heavily connected to different alternative scenes, from anarchists to monkey wrenchers, environmentalists to animal rights folks. We as a camp of course had nothing to do with such: even if many claim to know better. But we do know that the Reclaim the Cape -action week has drawn already many interested folks to come around early and perhaps sparked up some local dissidents, too?

And this is what the Dialog Devil group had to say:


“Fennovoima-Rosatom tries to build a new nuclear power plant to Pyhäjoki, Finland. Nuclear energy is by every standards outdated techonology, finacially unprofitable, increases the centralization of energy production and produces hazardous nuclear waste for generations to come. On top of it all, Fennovoima-Rosatom is destroying unique nature as we speak and messig up the Bay of Bothnia. Chosen location is a crappy one for a nuclear power plant by any means. Close to sea, close to groundwater. For example, the builders need to lift the ground level with meters to even get to start the constructions.

On tuesday [April 12] at 06 in the morning we blocked the traffic at the only road leading to the construction site ad the landfills from continuing by burning a crappy car filled with car tires etc. I the middle of that Fennovoima road. Paintjob on the car said “Dialog Devil”. That’s our dialogue and that’s what we have to say to everyone demanding dialogue with Fennovoima-Rosatom.

We also want to send our solidarity to Hambach forest occupation were comrades are battlig against the climate killing energy giant RWE despite heavy repression against them. One struggle!”


The action got some nice coverage, ending up mentioned here and there.

Considering that there’s only one road leading to the construction wich is sturdy enough to take the heavy machinery. Wich makes the whole site quite vulnerable for – well, let’s say traffic jams. This we noticed with the Dialog Devil doing its thing. Considering by the remains we checked, it seemed that the fire brigade allowed the wreck to burn itself down, cooled it down and after that cops came with their CSI routines. And all of this time, for most of the working hours, the entire constraction was blocked. If trucks don’t get to bring in landfill fillings, diggers don’t have anything to work on. Hours went by. And the Mordor stood still.

Beautiful. This is the only sort of dialogue we have sympathy for.

International comrades locked down some diggers at Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke construction site


International activists locked down diggers at the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke contraction site at Pyhäjoki, Finland

Thursday 14th of April three international comrades blocked two diggers from operating at Fennovoima-Rosatom’s construction site in Pyhäjoki, Finland. Machines were brought to a halt in a sturdy, practical manner from 1 PM on. Lock-down lasted until four PM. Chosen vehicles were operating at the very center of the nuclear doomsday field.

The activists faced no trouble in finding their way to the site. Fennovoima-Rosatom has advertised their new and improved security measures with funky videoclips and flaunted out their new contract with Securitas. Nevertheless, the three brave enviromentalists overcame the security by simply sneaking in while the security at watch preferred to fiddle with their smartphones instead of paying attention to anything that happened around them. (You couldn’t make this shit up.)

Two of the activist’s locked themselves onto a digger with a heavy-duty pipe lock, while one blocked another digger with a u-lock around one’s neck. Police got their navigator’s right on found their way to the site in less than an hour. The U-locked person was removed roughly an hour later, but pipelock proved itself to be a tougher case. After a good while of headscrathing and sighing, the person’s in blue simply left the scene, leaving the humiliated construction site security to watch the smirking comrades bathing in sunlight.

The beauty of the action was, that Fennovoima-Rosatom had planned on taking a bunch of journalists onto a nice sight seeing tour on the constraction site on this very day. The Pyhäjoki anti-nuclear protest campers have not been able to confirm whether they simply cancelled the entire tour on conveniently directed it to see any other sceneries than the one presented by the activists.

But you should’ve seen the faces of these guests when they were fed with pizza in the local pizzeria: and the next thing they new was a bunch of anti-nuke protest camper’s walking for a nice little supper.

While the Reclaim the Cape -action week (22.4.-1.5.2016) draws closer, the cops are getting more and more interested. They try their best in stopping and randomly, completely randomly, chit-chatting with anyone who even vaguely looks like a hippy. Poor things: nobody wants to talk with them, no matter how much they smile and try out dialogue.

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Entire traffic to the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke plant construction site blocked

On 6th of April, anti-nuclear activists blocked the entire traffic to the Fennovoima-Rosatom’s nuclear power plant construction site at Pyhäjoki, Finland. In total the blockade lasted roughly two to two-and-a-half hours.

For now, there is only one road leading to the construction site that can take the heavy machinery. This road connects to a smaller one, leading to quarries used for massive landfills now being carried out at the site. Such a detail makes the construction site quite vulnerable for different methods of direct action.

The activists blocked in total three trucks, causing the vehicles to close down the rest of the traffick. One activist climbed onto a truckroof on a road from the quarries to the connection road leading to the construction site, bringing the vehicle to stop. Two other trucks were blocked on the connection road, one by an activist equipped with a heavy-set lock-on tube. The activist locked on very close to the fuel tank of the vehicle: this, combined with the structure and material of the lock-on, proved itself to be a bit of a problem for the police.

After some checking, confused looks and plenty of sigh’ing the police moved further away, shaking their heads and trying to figure out something. After a while the truck driver called in, independently from the police, two of his colleagues to dismantle part of the truck, removing the activist with the lock-on instead of trying to open the device. – It took some good yanking, sweating, swearing and sledge hammering to take out the entire coverings of the fuel tank, the activist repored, with a wide grin.

The activist on the truckroof was eventually removed with a cherrypicker. The police had some trouble bringing the heavy vehicle onto a narrow spot on the road, only doing so after they had tried to bring the activist down via the roof window of the vehicle, failing to get it opened.

Fennovoima-Rosatom still does not have the actual construction permit for the nuclear plant it’s aiming to build. The company also lstill acks the plan of how and where to store the plant’s nuclear waste. Fennovoima-Rosatom has until June 2016 to present the plan concerning the waste issue: if they fail to do so, the construction permit should not be legally possible to be permitted. The anti-nuclear activists still do not hold their hopes high. What is currently happening and what has been so far constructed at the site have been done under the municipality-leadership-given permits for ”land scpaping” and ”preliminary works, such us road construction, massive clear-cuts, landfills and blastings.

At the moment the Fennovoima-Rosatom construction site works on in with a speeded-up timetable. Some of the machines work on seven days a week, truck working with the landfills drive on six days a week, from six AM to late night hours. Local residents have been contacting the protest camp over the noise and disturbance epecially the heavy traffick is causing.

Looks like Fennovoima-Rosatom aims to get us much destruction done before the soon-starting bird nesting season that theoretically should stop some of the work – and before Reclaim the Cape -action week (22.4.-1.5.2016) that will bring a nice bunch of anti-nuclear activists and other enviromentalists or antimilitarists to the area.

Fennovoima, Securitas, arson – and ear pounding silence

When checking the interwebs on 29th of March we found an interesting contradiction.

The local yellow press price winner, Ilta-Sanomatm published a short article about two magically self-combusted cars of the private security company Securitas. At the same time an anonymous operator claimed responsibility on torching these vehicles, stating the following: ”With this attack we want to bring to light the co-operation between Securitas and Fennovoima nuclear energy company that is known for its destruction of the environment. The 1st of April will be the first day that Securitas will be in charge of (security of) the construction site in Hanhikivenniemi, where the nuclear plant is meant to be built. With this arson we welcome Securitas to Fennovoima!”

Takku.net is, by its own definition, a do-it-yourself alternative media project: and for many state officials and regular citizens, it strongly connects to the anarchist scene and other forms of grass root radicalism.

This time the Pyhäjoki anti-nuclear protest camp doesn’ comment on the practice of burning vehcles or Takku.net. In this particular case, we see something much more interesting to poke at.

Silence around the Fennovoima-Rosatom roject has been notoriously ear pounding ever since Rosatom came along on 2014. Couple of heavy duty journalists and selected party politicians have wondered over this phenomenon, stating that they’re never before experienced such during their careers: usually when you publish an article with strong statements and unpleasant information, the target of it at least publishes that usual “well it surely wasn’t like that and on what this journalist has to back up their claims?” -feedback. In Fennovoima’s case: just – silence.

Statements and comments of Rosatom simply just using nuclear power as a tool for geopolitics and as a method of attaching states to Russian interests with financial ties has been left cathegoricly unanswered. The president Sauli Niinistö and minister Olli Rehn have turned coats over nuclear power in general after visits to Moscow started a regular pace – not to forget the nomination of yesterday’s Finnish politicians. The former Prime Minister Esko Aho just got a post from Sperbank, a Russian bank directly under command of Kreml and one of the financiator’s of Rosatom and the post box company Migrit, wich was used to arrange more time for Fennovoima during summer 2015 to have their licence papers sorted out in given time.

Now, Takku.net is a source yellow press has so far loved to use as a source for high-flying, click-gathering articles and speculations about radicals, anarchists, ecoterrorists and other grass root movements they like to give funky names to. But this time something’s different: there’s a claim of responsibility and an open statement about politically motivated arson, of a direct attack at law and order – and no yellow paper goes poking on it. No media channel pick on it. Earlier on, they have sank their teeth on anything available on such topics, truthful or not, no difference: it’s the speculations and big headlines that sell. But this they decided to look the other way.

We do not speculate. We just observe. What could possibly be a reason big, scary or important enough to leave such a click-gatherer untouched? After all, we all know Fennovoima-Rosatom is not about energy politics, but simple geopolitics. So profoundly perhaps, that even the commercial media bows their heads to that?