26.4. & Reclaim the Cape: what’s there to those who are not up for a disobedient day outdoors?

Reclaim the Cape -action week’s main action day, 26.4., also offers things to participate outside the mass civil disobedience action at the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke constraction site ate Hanhikivi peninsula.

Check in to the library
At the library of Pyhäjoki the co-organisator of Reclaim the Cape, the Women For Peace -network offers a two sets of seminars, opening at 11 AM and 6 PM. In program are Maryann DeLeon’s Tshernobyl Heart -documentary, takes and details from Svetlana Aleksijevitshin‘s production Chernobyl Prayer and master of health education Päivi Sajaniemi’s Influences of radiation -material’s display.

Performance takes over the Vanhatie
From 3PM on at Vanhatie, Pyhäjoki, a Nuclear Time Lapse -performance and environmental art project of Sade Hiidenkari ja Salla Keskinen starts:

“Nuclear waste stays radioactive at least 100 000 years.

If we think about history backwards, 100 000 years is extremely distant, in the early dawn of human race. In our timeline one meter equals 1000 years, and at its whole the timeline is 200 meters long. The history of the nuclear weapons and nuclear power is about 70 years long, and during that time all immense radioactive waste problem has been created. In this 200 m timeline that period is only 7 cm long.

Nuclear Time Lapse is a performance- and environmental art project, by way of which we aim to perceive the time scale and environmental impact of nuclear resolutions. We want to remind of the far-reaching risks of the radioactive waist and join the debate about nuclear power by means of art.

Time line- performance is a part of ongoing project, which can be followed through these pages.”

What to pack and bring to Reclaim the Cape: protect yourself from police dialogue and keep your toes warm

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Protect yourself from police dialogue
– legal team: +358 41 759 2345
– lawyer: +358 40 565 8146

We’ve listed a short reminder list of things to pack with you when arriving. With the same go we’ll send a little bit of a greeting to the police’s dialogue group and to the representatives of Fennovoima-Rosatom: you’ve already stated publicly how you follow our blog posts, so what the heck.

The police dialogue yesterday has pretty much jammed out message channels with positive feedback and concrete expression’s of practical support. Just to annoy you even more we’ll not state publicly what exactly we have received, but yes, it’s something that’s making us grin. With your pepper sprays, unpaid salaries and other shady business you’re apparently doing anti-nuclear lobbying for us.

Packing it up
We’re aware that the Reclaim the Cape -action week is attracting guests from all age groups, from toddlers to elders. Considering the tone of police dialogue so far we emphasize the following: folks with contact lenses, asthma or of very young age should keep a safety distance from police dialogue. In case of police dialogue taking place we advice participants to carry swimming goggles or other eye protection and prefer rain clothes or goretex from keeping the police dialogue from harming one’s skin. Our medic team is prepared to take care of wound and physical pains caused by the police dialogue.

As some have asked, we present you with a little bit of a list of needed things and artefacts to pack and bring with:
– sleeping bag + sleeping mattress: please, pay attention to the average degrees of Finnish April when choosing these. We also recommend to bring your own tent, to guarantee your comfortability and privacy.

– head torch or a small torch alike. Evenings will still be dark and nature will not provide you with that many street lights.

– smart and sturdy shoes that won’t wet through right away: combat boots, hiking boots and such stuff. We do not recommend sneakers or canvas shoes alike.

– rain clothes and windbreakers: we recommend a set of a jacket + trousers.

– long sleeves and long underpants. Thick or woolly socks and good gloves. Fleece and wool are good materials. It’s not winter, but it’s nice to stay comfortable.

– by bringing your own mug + spoon you minimize the time spent in dishwashing lines.

– a little set to keep your camping hygiene: whatever that means for you. Wet wipes, dry shampoos, blister treatment stuff and such are things liked by many.

– many like to have a Leatherman-styled multitool or a small pocket knife and some gaffer tape with them.

– the accessories and trinkets you think you need for your own specific plans and don’t trust you’ll get them from here.

”Somebody’s mom got peppersprayed and detained” – Reclaim the Cape -action week starts with a piece of genuine police dialogue

Update 23.4.2016:
Video now also available:



All sorts of opposers of the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke plant project have now gathered to the Hanhikivi peninsula at Pyhäjoki, Finland, nicely close to the Mordor itself. The action week (22.4.-1.5.) took an early start with participants starting to show up a good couple of weeks before the official starting day, causing the construction site and nearby region to get riddled with actions and occurrances of ELF-ish nature.

It’s not ethnic profiling, it’s just randomness
Naturally, all this has attracted the attention of the police. Local newspaper’s have been presenting nicely constructed propaganda pieces of police representatives going blah-blah-blah on how they wish to ”have a dialogue” with the action week folks.

Thus, well before the start of the action week, the police has done their best in attempting to stop bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers to have a dialogue of ID check’s and blood tests in an attempt of trying to find someone who could be accused of drunk driving – or whatever their idea is, nobody really fully knows. (Maybe they just love to waste that tax payer’s money almost as efficiently as the nuke construction itself?)

All of this would be more hilarious than inconvenient – we mean, it’s not that difficult of not stopping with that bike or hopping into the woods when a shady van stops next to you – if they would not prioritize the ethnic profiling so high. Individuals with white caucasian features have been succesfull in refusing to identify themselves, getting detained for 24 hours and still walking out without giving fingerprints or ID’s. Logic is different with someone slightly less white. The one international person who refused to identify themselves and got locked up for three full days, threatened with detention center trip and free flight back – well, whatever they would’ve decided as home – was of a little less white caucasian sort.

This, of course, is not police carrying out ethnic profiling: it’s an entirely random coincidence. We’re positively sure.

How about pepper spraying that mother there?
On the morning of 22.4. a some bunch of ten people had planned a bit of an opening ceremony for the action week. Chosen form was to have a go at the construction site with classical methods of non-violent civil disobedience. Whether this group were to use tripods, lock-ons or superglue to join hands in a sticky manner – that we do not know. But we do know, that the group sort of never got to start that ceremony.

One particularly vulnerable spot of the Fennovoima-Rosatom is its traffic. There’s only one road sturdy enough to take the heavy vehicles and landfil deliveries. Thus, this very bunch of people were also aiming to join hands in order to block this entry.

When closing in on the road, the bunch met with a police patrol who could not mentally handle a sight of classical non-violent demonstrators coreographing in. ”Two or three were emptying pepper spray cans in a speed of light, while one decided to just run in circles holding the handle of his gun. A complete case of lost marbles. If this is the way they react to a bunch of hippies, what do they do if meeting an actual heavy weight criminal?”, giggled one participant.

In the proces of searching for their marbles the police managed to pepperspray and detain a mom participating the action with her daughter. (Citizens, remain calm: nation is being kept safe.)

Taser and a necklock – now, that’s an idea
Sadly, this is not the first case of lost marbles. On 14.4. three international comrades blocked two diggers from working by locking onto them. One of them used an u-lock, clicking themselves from their neck onto the hydraulic pipes of the machine’s arm. After the person refused to move their hands from the u-lock in an attempt to stop the police from cutting it, bluebells decided to taser them – three times. In a row.

Yes, dialogue is a fashionable word. While instructing the action week participants to protect themselves from cases of dialogue taking place by wearing appropriate eye protection and clothes that keep the dialogue from harming the skin, we’d like to make one thing clear.

If police wishes to perform a dialogue based on violence, they might need to reckon’ one simple rule of human interaction: ”monkey see, monkey do”. As protest camper’s, it is not our position to put out anything that could be interpreted as a threat of any sort. But to some pacifism is a chosen tactic, not a heartfelt ideology.

Literal lockdown at Fennovoima-Rosatom office: superglue is a tricky thing in wrong places

The nearer the Reclaim the Cape -action week (22.4.-1.5.) draws, the busier this small town seems to get. Just when the Fennovoima-minions of their Russian nuclear overlord, Rosatom, have survived through yet another protesting spectacle at the construction site, another mishap hits them.

Again, Takku.net -alternative news portal confirms our observations right: on the morning of 19th of April someone carefully directed some super glue into the locks of the company office.

Motive for such can only be guessed. We figured that one alternative would be that somebody simply wanted to comment – or mimic – the transparency and publicity strategy of Fennovoima-Rosatom. If the company executes the idea of repeating the same lies until they’ve been caught with them too many times to deny it anymore – and thus, change it into an explanation or a simple misunderstandment. Remember, when Titan-2 first stopped to remember to pay the salaries to their subcontractors at the Pyhäjoki construction – and when finally cornered over the issue, Fennovoima-Rosatom simply stated it wasn’t a case of deciding to leave millions of euro’s worth of salaries unpaid (yes, a million, we repeat, that’s the scale here), but a simple “cultural difference in company policies”.

Seriously: you couldn’t make this shit up. Even if you tried.

Well. At least the great unwashed of the small town seemed to have fun over observing the office minions noticing that they are left out in the cold morning weather, with both doors of the office – as locked as their transparency policy.

Another Burning barricade closes down Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke construction – again

While ago we mentioned a Dialog Devil drive-by-barricade torching itself and closing down the entire Mordor of Fennovoima-Rosatom site for most of the working hours on 12th of April.

Oh, well. Guess what? Things got fiery for the second time. On 18th of April someone closed down the entire traffic to Fennovoima-Rosatom construction with yet another burning barricade.

We found yet another anonymous communique from the do-it-yourself -news portal Takku.net. We as a camp of course still have nothing to do with all these spontaneous self-combustions, but we do know that the Reclaim the Cape -action week does draw different creatures from their hideouts. As the original post is in Finnish, we do you the courtesies of translating it:

Good morning Fennovoima – a burning barricade at Pyhäjoki

We bid the Fennovoima-Rosatom worker’s welcome to their construction and started our own action week against Fennovoima early on Monday 18.4.2016 by blocking the entire traffic to the construction site by building and torching a barricade made of car tires on the only road leading to the site. With this we prevented the works to begin on time. Barricade was torched at 5.30 AM and work is set to start at 6AM.

Fennovoima desperately tries to build a nuke plant together with Rosatom and others to the Hanhikivi peninsula, destroying the local unique nature totally as they go. Let’s stop Fennovoima!”

Yes, we checked what was left of the barricade. And yes, the traffic did stand for a good while, slowing down the Mordor of Fennovoima-Rosatom. With just one single road leading to construction, it’s rather vulnerable for such incidents – that we must say. If truck’s don’t get to drive in, diggers soon run out of anything to do.

We’ll see, what Reclaim the Cape -action week will bring. It’s looking promising already.