What to pack and bring to Reclaim the Cape: protect yourself from police dialogue and keep your toes warm

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Protect yourself from police dialogue
– legal team: +358 41 759 2345
– lawyer: +358 40 565 8146

We’ve listed a short reminder list of things to pack with you when arriving. With the same go we’ll send a little bit of a greeting to the police’s dialogue group and to the representatives of Fennovoima-Rosatom: you’ve already stated publicly how you follow our blog posts, so what the heck.

The police dialogue yesterday has pretty much jammed out message channels with positive feedback and concrete expression’s of practical support. Just to annoy you even more we’ll not state publicly what exactly we have received, but yes, it’s something that’s making us grin. With your pepper sprays, unpaid salaries and other shady business you’re apparently doing anti-nuclear lobbying for us.

Packing it up
We’re aware that the Reclaim the Cape -action week is attracting guests from all age groups, from toddlers to elders. Considering the tone of police dialogue so far we emphasize the following: folks with contact lenses, asthma or of very young age should keep a safety distance from police dialogue. In case of police dialogue taking place we advice participants to carry swimming goggles or other eye protection and prefer rain clothes or goretex from keeping the police dialogue from harming one’s skin. Our medic team is prepared to take care of wound and physical pains caused by the police dialogue.

As some have asked, we present you with a little bit of a list of needed things and artefacts to pack and bring with:
– sleeping bag + sleeping mattress: please, pay attention to the average degrees of Finnish April when choosing these. We also recommend to bring your own tent, to guarantee your comfortability and privacy.

– head torch or a small torch alike. Evenings will still be dark and nature will not provide you with that many street lights.

– smart and sturdy shoes that won’t wet through right away: combat boots, hiking boots and such stuff. We do not recommend sneakers or canvas shoes alike.

– rain clothes and windbreakers: we recommend a set of a jacket + trousers.

– long sleeves and long underpants. Thick or woolly socks and good gloves. Fleece and wool are good materials. It’s not winter, but it’s nice to stay comfortable.

– by bringing your own mug + spoon you minimize the time spent in dishwashing lines.

– a little set to keep your camping hygiene: whatever that means for you. Wet wipes, dry shampoos, blister treatment stuff and such are things liked by many.

– many like to have a Leatherman-styled multitool or a small pocket knife and some gaffer tape with them.

– the accessories and trinkets you think you need for your own specific plans and don’t trust you’ll get them from here.