A nonviolent human chain with lock-ons blocked the traffic to the construction on 28.4.


The participants of Reclaim the Cape action week blocked the construction site road to the Fennovoima-Rosatom site on Thursday 28.4. before the police attacked the camp. A human chain was made on the road that leads to the construction site. Some of the people locked themselves together with pipelocks and some of the people locked on to heavy barrels.

There were two barrels which were filled up with concrete and other heavy materials. The activists had locked themselves to locks which were built inside the barrels, and there were activists locked on to the barrel-activists, so they formed a chain to block the traffic on the road.

– We are all very shocked by what happened yesterday, and we have been processing it privately and in groups. We have all decided to take part in this nonviolent civil disobedience action to show that we won’t let nasty comments and single sad cases bring us down as an action group. Personally, the hardships that faced me have only made me more determined to continue my actions, said Lotta Kangas, who participated in the action.


It took almost three hours for the police to come to the blockade. But when they came there was a lot of them: from 7 to 12 cop cars and they had riot equipment and police dogs. Also a helicopter circulated around the area.

The police dismantled the blockade in a rush, and according the information we’ve had one person had to get an ambulance, and some other people had some minor injuries. There were a lot of people taken to the custody. Some of them have been released this morning after a night spent in Raahe, but some people are still kept in and threatened to be arrested.

Reclaim the Cape actionweek will continue as planned when it comes to the rest of the program. There will be a Belgian pacifistic group presentation of Bombspotters today, and some other lectures coming up during the weekend. The actionweek will continue until Sunday, and after that the protest camp against Fennovoima will continue its life in Pyhäjoki atleast for the summer, hopefully and most likely even longer!