Literal lockdown at Fennovoima-Rosatom office: superglue is a tricky thing in wrong places

The nearer the Reclaim the Cape -action week (22.4.-1.5.) draws, the busier this small town seems to get. Just when the Fennovoima-minions of their Russian nuclear overlord, Rosatom, have survived through yet another protesting spectacle at the construction site, another mishap hits them.

Again, -alternative news portal confirms our observations right: on the morning of 19th of April someone carefully directed some super glue into the locks of the company office.

Motive for such can only be guessed. We figured that one alternative would be that somebody simply wanted to comment – or mimic – the transparency and publicity strategy of Fennovoima-Rosatom. If the company executes the idea of repeating the same lies until they’ve been caught with them too many times to deny it anymore – and thus, change it into an explanation or a simple misunderstandment. Remember, when Titan-2 first stopped to remember to pay the salaries to their subcontractors at the Pyhäjoki construction – and when finally cornered over the issue, Fennovoima-Rosatom simply stated it wasn’t a case of deciding to leave millions of euro’s worth of salaries unpaid (yes, a million, we repeat, that’s the scale here), but a simple “cultural difference in company policies”.

Seriously: you couldn’t make this shit up. Even if you tried.

Well. At least the great unwashed of the small town seemed to have fun over observing the office minions noticing that they are left out in the cold morning weather, with both doors of the office – as locked as their transparency policy.