International comrades locked down some diggers at Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke construction site


International activists locked down diggers at the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke contraction site at Pyhäjoki, Finland

Thursday 14th of April three international comrades blocked two diggers from operating at Fennovoima-Rosatom’s construction site in Pyhäjoki, Finland. Machines were brought to a halt in a sturdy, practical manner from 1 PM on. Lock-down lasted until four PM. Chosen vehicles were operating at the very center of the nuclear doomsday field.

The activists faced no trouble in finding their way to the site. Fennovoima-Rosatom has advertised their new and improved security measures with funky videoclips and flaunted out their new contract with Securitas. Nevertheless, the three brave enviromentalists overcame the security by simply sneaking in while the security at watch preferred to fiddle with their smartphones instead of paying attention to anything that happened around them. (You couldn’t make this shit up.)

Two of the activist’s locked themselves onto a digger with a heavy-duty pipe lock, while one blocked another digger with a u-lock around one’s neck. Police got their navigator’s right on found their way to the site in less than an hour. The U-locked person was removed roughly an hour later, but pipelock proved itself to be a tougher case. After a good while of headscrathing and sighing, the person’s in blue simply left the scene, leaving the humiliated construction site security to watch the smirking comrades bathing in sunlight.

The beauty of the action was, that Fennovoima-Rosatom had planned on taking a bunch of journalists onto a nice sight seeing tour on the constraction site on this very day. The Pyhäjoki anti-nuclear protest campers have not been able to confirm whether they simply cancelled the entire tour on conveniently directed it to see any other sceneries than the one presented by the activists.

But you should’ve seen the faces of these guests when they were fed with pizza in the local pizzeria: and the next thing they new was a bunch of anti-nuke protest camper’s walking for a nice little supper.

While the Reclaim the Cape -action week (22.4.-1.5.2016) draws closer, the cops are getting more and more interested. They try their best in stopping and randomly, completely randomly, chit-chatting with anyone who even vaguely looks like a hippy. Poor things: nobody wants to talk with them, no matter how much they smile and try out dialogue.