26.4. & Reclaim the Cape: what’s there to those who are not up for a disobedient day outdoors?

Reclaim the Cape -action week’s main action day, 26.4., also offers things to participate outside the mass civil disobedience action at the Fennovoima-Rosatom nuke constraction site ate Hanhikivi peninsula.

Check in to the library
At the library of Pyhäjoki the co-organisator of Reclaim the Cape, the Women For Peace -network offers a two sets of seminars, opening at 11 AM and 6 PM. In program are Maryann DeLeon’s Tshernobyl Heart -documentary, takes and details from Svetlana Aleksijevitshin‘s production Chernobyl Prayer and master of health education Päivi Sajaniemi’s Influences of radiation -material’s display.

Performance takes over the Vanhatie
From 3PM on at Vanhatie, Pyhäjoki, a Nuclear Time Lapse -performance and environmental art project of Sade Hiidenkari ja Salla Keskinen starts:

“Nuclear waste stays radioactive at least 100 000 years.

If we think about history backwards, 100 000 years is extremely distant, in the early dawn of human race. In our timeline one meter equals 1000 years, and at its whole the timeline is 200 meters long. The history of the nuclear weapons and nuclear power is about 70 years long, and during that time all immense radioactive waste problem has been created. In this 200 m timeline that period is only 7 cm long.

Nuclear Time Lapse is a performance- and environmental art project, by way of which we aim to perceive the time scale and environmental impact of nuclear resolutions. We want to remind of the far-reaching risks of the radioactive waist and join the debate about nuclear power by means of art.

Time line- performance is a part of ongoing project, which can be followed through these pages.”