Come to Reclaim the Cape -action week with common transportation! Deadline 31.3.2016!

We are planning to arrange a bus from Helsinki via Tampere to the Reclaim the Camp -action week. Action week is at Pyhäjoki on 22th of April – 1th of May. In order to keep the ticket costs low enough, the final decision whether there will be a bus depends entirely on how many participants it gets.

This registration won’t yet bind you to anything: we are simply estimating the amount of participant. Contact us only if you are very likely joining the bus transportation to Pyhäjoki, if there will be one.

Departure from Helsinki would be around 9 AM on Saturday 23th of April. Price for one would be 20-30 euros.

Send the following information before 31.3. to pyhajoelle [at]
– name/nickname:
– I will join the ride from Helsinki/Tampere):
– I’ll pay 20/25/30 euros):

After 31st of March we will if the bus will be organized – and we’ll inform you about it!

See you at Pyhäjoki!