Solidarity blockade to Norway!

On this day, 4.3.2016, we blocked the traffic leading to Fennovoima-Rosatom nuclear power plant building area in solidarity for Norways Young Friends of the Earth activists.


80 activists protesting the open mine in west Norway are threatened with an huge lawsuit following a three week long non-violent protest. There has already been fines worth almost 100 000 euros.
This is how the states violent machine is trying to suffocate non-violent protesting in solidarity with the multimillion companies destroying our earth.
The fear of losing your home and your freedom because you want to have a voice is a crime against all of us.

As an act of solidarity we strolled to the road connecting the construction site to the road 8 and did some things.

09:15 – The first guards are present. One person has chained themself to a truck trafficking gravel.

09:30 – Three guards appear with a dog. The chained activist is smell-checked.

09:40 – Police and more guards coming as some of the lastly mentioned are checking the forest a bit.

09:50 – Police finally on the spot. Present media person is threatened with custody and their identity
is checked. Person chilling on the truck is still firmly there.

10:20 – The activist has been removed from the truck.

You can support our comrades in Norway in following ways:
– Sign and share an petition:
– Read! and Share!
– Send some strict words for Nordic Mining in facebook and tell them what you think about the lawsuit: