Fennovoima-Rosatom opened a logo competition: ever heard of adbusting?

First off: we’ve received questions of what #’s to use to help this go viral in Twitter and social media’s alike. Let us see #stopfennovoima to unite logo makers and other creative minds of productive mischief! #Fennovoima and #fennovoima can also be added.

We bet that most of you, who surf on the waves of internet, have come across those “participatory and interactive” advertisement campaigns and other attempts to engage consumers, browsers and users into one sweet dialogue-knitting cloud of friends. Thus, we also bet that most of you have bumped onto side effects of many of these campaigns: like the New York Police Department who failed miserably with their call for photos of citizens and their friendly neighborhood cops – and ended up getting a bit too honest of a response.

And now Fennovoima-Rosatom is presenting us with a fresh new logo competition: they honestly are inviting all of us to participate the great work of building up the brand of the planned nuclear power plant construction site! You read it correctly: the logo for the site. They have probably noticed how the main constructor of the site, Russian Titan-2, has had bit of a problem in remembering to pay its workers and that everything is already running late from original schedual – so hey, let’s rebrand the whole thing and hope people will forget!

So what should we do – but to invite everyone to participate this great competition with the most creative, truthfull take on the topic. Let’s brand this nuclear project of fails and delays, geopolitics and shadyness in a way internet has never seen!

Let the games begin, as they say.