Dissident Island Radio took a moment to talk with us

Like most of the protest sites and projects alike, also the anti-nuclear protest camp at Pyhäjoki is used on getting its share of varying contacts. The camp email takes on the usual approaches of interested civilians, folks donating useful stuff or just people expressing their solidarity or support for the cause. From photos about solidarity actions in different corners of the continent to locals offering rain jackets – yes, we get that too.

Alongside and among these usual contacts are also the ones from interested medias: some more DIY- and comrade -based than others. The latest one we received from the British Isles, from the DIY-radio station Dissident Island Radio.

And this is the result of that session: a nice little nutshell of the history of anti-nuclear struggle at Pyhäjoki, the general energy political situation of Finland and, most of all, of the upcoming action week in April. Tune in: download or listen. Stop Fennovoima -section starts around 82 minutes (1h 22 minutes, that is).