Solidarity from north Sweden


“I want to live in peace and quietness, no nuclear next to my nest! Stop Fennovoima!”

In north Sweden, many municipalities have said no to the catastrophe project in Pyhäjoki and alot of people have signed petitions. There has been demonstrations on squares and discussions on the internet.

The struggle has not ended yet, we have to be seen and heard more, be in the place where it’s happening. The nuclear power plant is going to be built on the Hanhikivi shore and we are welcome there to fight, together!

Solidarity to the camp and for the people who are now there and closeby, keeping the fight alive at the area where the destruction takes place!

We will never give up!

Ögeltjärns mountain in Örnsköldsvik is only 300 km away from Pyhäjoki. Text in the banner is: “nuclear power plant 300 km away, risks forever remains! Stop Fennovoima!”

“Stop Fennovoima together”