Totuusradio (Truth Radio)


Totuusradio (Truth Radio) broadcasted a 2 hour program on 23.11.2015 about the protest camp and struggle against Fennovoima.

Unfortunately for our foreign audience the program is in finnish.

You can listen and download the program below:

1st hour
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2nd hour
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Solidarity to Paris!

Today in northern Finland in the city of Raahe, we made a banner drop from the roof of a police station to express that violating human rights is not acceptable.
Also we want to remind that nuclear power is not a solution to climate change.
Let’s keep up the struggle for our human rights and for our common Earth!

Two people were taken into custody. After seven hours they got released and charged for vandalism because according to the police chief the station was disgraced.

To announce, the police station has become very familiar to the activists from Pyhäjoki antinuclear protest camp since spring in the form of jailhouse rock. Today we experienced also a penthouse party!


Video added on 3.1.2016: