Two excavators blocked at the construction site

On 17.11.2015, just before 8 AM a group of anti-nuclear activists sneaked inside the Fennovoimas’s fenced construction site at the Hanhikivi cape in Pyhäjoki. Two excavators were blocked by climbing on top of them. The second blockade also halted the explosion works next to the machine.

Fennovoima is destroying the Hanhikivi cape’s nature at a fast pace eventhough they still don’t have the building permit for the actual power plant, the security clearance from STUK isn’t ready and the nuclear waste deposit plans are not ready either.

Let’s stop the destruction of nature and capitalism everywhere.

Timeline for the day’s events:
07.55 – Activist on top of the first machine. The machine operator still continues to work.
08.00 – Second machine has been blocked. This one stopped without an “excavator rodeo”
08.35 – The machine operator on the first machine finally agreed to stop working
08.50 – Police at the first blockade. The blockade is still on
10.22 – Police has stopped the first blockade
10.30 – Police is trying to stop the second blockade
10.44 – 2 people detained, both blockades are now over

Blokkaus 17.11.2015