Solidary To Hambach: traffic to the Fennovoima’s construction site blocked on 5.11

Fennovoima’s new road that leads to the construction site was blocked starting from around 8.30 AM. Two trucks were blocked by people who chained themselves to the truck and one truck was blocked by climbing on top of it. The police took the people away around 11 AM, so the blockade lasted about 2,5 hours.

Fennovoima has a huge earthmoving task because they need to elevate the Hanhikivi cape by 4 meters and build all kinds of infrastructure to the cape. Fennovoima claims that up to 100 truckloads are transported on the new road every hour. So if their claims are true we prevented 250 load deliveries.

With this action we wanted to make Fennovoima’s work even more difficult but also to express our solidarity to three activists in Hambach, Germany.

Mr. Blue, who refused to give his identity to the police at his arrest (and still has not given their identity), is imprisoned since the 7th of October. He was arrested while blockading one of the main conveyor belts of the open cast mine Hambach, and through this shutting down the mining activities. Mr. Blue has not been allowed to see the prison doctor since he was imprisoned.

Florian and another activist, whose name is not yet published, were arrested on the 22nd of October by RWE securities in the Hambach Forest, what actually happened there is still unclear. But one of the persons nose got broken and they are missing several teeth, also they were refused to see a doctor.

The prisoners will have to stay in prison until the court case, which can take up the several months.

Solidary to imprisoned comrades all over the world!

Video of the blockade