Helsinki: Fennovoima constructor/shareholder’s worksite cranes blocked

SRV ulos Fennovoimasta

Let’s stop Fennovoima and it’s supporters!

Activists have climbed onto two cranes and dropped banners from them on SRV’s worksite in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Blockade is in action.

SRV is one of the biggest constructors for the Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant. It owns 1,8% of Fennovoima’s shares and it was one of the parties that saved Fennovoima back in August by buying some of their shares. SRV is also a construction project leader alongside the main constructor, Titan-2. So it seems that SRV got this multi million construction job by buying 1,8% of the shares that Fennovoima desperately needed someone to buy.

Fennovoima project is heavily backed by the government, eventhough people’s opinion is mostly against the project. Fennovoima has several co-operates. Without them it wouldn’t survive. For this reason we are now targetting the companies that invest or work with Fennovoima, who try to benefit from this hazardous project. Nowadays nuclear power is completely pointless and unsustainable. We can stop this project with direct action.

Solidarity from Helsinki to the Pyhäjoki protest camp and to wherever the people are fighting against the state and capitalism!

06:00 – Blockade has started
10:40 – Other crane is empty, activists taken away in a police car.
11:50 – Other person from the last crane down, also taken in police custody.
12:30 – Police is trying to talk the last activist down from the far end of the crane.
12:55 – All activists have been detained. Blockade is now over

SRV blokkaus (Instagram)