Two excavators blocked at the construction site

On 17.11.2015, just before 8 AM a group of anti-nuclear activists sneaked inside the Fennovoimas’s fenced construction site at the Hanhikivi cape in Pyhäjoki. Two excavators were blocked by climbing on top of them. The second blockade also halted the explosion works next to the machine.

Fennovoima is destroying the Hanhikivi cape’s nature at a fast pace eventhough they still don’t have the building permit for the actual power plant, the security clearance from STUK isn’t ready and the nuclear waste deposit plans are not ready either.

Let’s stop the destruction of nature and capitalism everywhere.

Timeline for the day’s events:
07.55 – Activist on top of the first machine. The machine operator still continues to work.
08.00 – Second machine has been blocked. This one stopped without an “excavator rodeo”
08.35 – The machine operator on the first machine finally agreed to stop working
08.50 – Police at the first blockade. The blockade is still on
10.22 – Police has stopped the first blockade
10.30 – Police is trying to stop the second blockade
10.44 – 2 people detained, both blockades are now over

Blokkaus 17.11.2015

Helsinki: Fennovoima constructor/shareholder’s worksite cranes blocked

SRV ulos Fennovoimasta

Let’s stop Fennovoima and it’s supporters!

Activists have climbed onto two cranes and dropped banners from them on SRV’s worksite in Kalasatama, Helsinki. Blockade is in action.

SRV is one of the biggest constructors for the Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant. It owns 1,8% of Fennovoima’s shares and it was one of the parties that saved Fennovoima back in August by buying some of their shares. SRV is also a construction project leader alongside the main constructor, Titan-2. So it seems that SRV got this multi million construction job by buying 1,8% of the shares that Fennovoima desperately needed someone to buy.

Fennovoima project is heavily backed by the government, eventhough people’s opinion is mostly against the project. Fennovoima has several co-operates. Without them it wouldn’t survive. For this reason we are now targetting the companies that invest or work with Fennovoima, who try to benefit from this hazardous project. Nowadays nuclear power is completely pointless and unsustainable. We can stop this project with direct action.

Solidarity from Helsinki to the Pyhäjoki protest camp and to wherever the people are fighting against the state and capitalism!

06:00 – Blockade has started
10:40 – Other crane is empty, activists taken away in a police car.
11:50 – Other person from the last crane down, also taken in police custody.
12:30 – Police is trying to talk the last activist down from the far end of the crane.
12:55 – All activists have been detained. Blockade is now over

SRV blokkaus (Instagram)

Reclaim The Cape action week (22.4 – 1.5.2016)

In the end of April 2016 it will be a year since Fennovoima started to prepare areas of Hanhikivi cape for the new nuclear power plant construction in Northern Finland. At the same time the protest camp against Fennovoima celebrates its first anniversary. The camp was able to stay inside the construction area over five months and was able to slow down the construction works. During the summer, dozens of blockades took place and newspapers wrote about various sabotages. In September, after the eviction that lasted eight days, the camp moved outside the construction site to continue its activities with help of local supporters. Blockades and other activity against nuclear power did not stop at any point.

In the end of April we are going to return to the construction site. The aim is to paralyze the whole construction site, for a long time. With a big enough group we can reoccupy the area and stay there. We don’t only want to occupy the area back but also fill the surrounding areas with activities against Fennovoima, nuclear power, capitalism and the destruction of nature and by respecting the plurality of tactics.

Come and join us to make this possible. Come to share your knowhow in a workshop or to learn from the more experienced, and start your summer with numerous comrades in the middle of nature just awaking for the spring.

The event starts on Friday 22 April with a party continuing over the weekend. The following week will be filled with action and workshops, sharing knowledge and knowhow, getting to know new comrades along with action. On Tuesday 26 April it will be thirty years from Chernobyl accident – symbolically perfect moment to stop a new nuclear project. On Chernobyl Day various organizations will carry out their protests and we will also do our part. The event will climax next weekend to the First of May when the aim is to organize an all-time riotous First of May party of Northern Finland. In the nearby cities marches for First of May are also organize and we can join them too.

You can read about our activities and follow the planning of the event at

If and when you decide to join us, send us an email. Please let us know if you are also interested in organizing a workshop or other activities.
stopfennovoima [at]

Printable flyers can be found on the material-page

Reclaim The Cape

Solidary To Hambach: traffic to the Fennovoima’s construction site blocked on 5.11

Fennovoima’s new road that leads to the construction site was blocked starting from around 8.30 AM. Two trucks were blocked by people who chained themselves to the truck and one truck was blocked by climbing on top of it. The police took the people away around 11 AM, so the blockade lasted about 2,5 hours.

Fennovoima has a huge earthmoving task because they need to elevate the Hanhikivi cape by 4 meters and build all kinds of infrastructure to the cape. Fennovoima claims that up to 100 truckloads are transported on the new road every hour. So if their claims are true we prevented 250 load deliveries.

With this action we wanted to make Fennovoima’s work even more difficult but also to express our solidarity to three activists in Hambach, Germany.

Mr. Blue, who refused to give his identity to the police at his arrest (and still has not given their identity), is imprisoned since the 7th of October. He was arrested while blockading one of the main conveyor belts of the open cast mine Hambach, and through this shutting down the mining activities. Mr. Blue has not been allowed to see the prison doctor since he was imprisoned.

Florian and another activist, whose name is not yet published, were arrested on the 22nd of October by RWE securities in the Hambach Forest, what actually happened there is still unclear. But one of the persons nose got broken and they are missing several teeth, also they were refused to see a doctor.

The prisoners will have to stay in prison until the court case, which can take up the several months.

Solidary to imprisoned comrades all over the world!

Video of the blockade