Fennovoima blocked their own work

Today at approximately 13.15 a truck fell on its side at Fennovoima’s construction site and therefore blocked all traffic that was going through the construction site’s gate, for almost an hour. The fire department, ambulance and police came to check out the situation. Maybe the accident was caused by overloaded cargo or neglection of the minimum rest periods?

Fire department at the scene
Ambulance at the scene
Work is on halt and the traffic is starting to build up
Police at the scene
The police didn’t seem to be too interested about the cargo weights. We are not surprised.

Second coming of the camp

On the 15th of september Fennovoima in cooperation with the Oulu police departments special unit Valo-79 and G4S security company started the eviction  of the Hanhikivenniemi-protest camp. Everything didn’t go as they had planned . Besides the point that the eviction of the last treehouse took 8 days, and required its own special operation, authorities managed to spread the campers from one isolated, heavily guarded cape all around the Pyhäjoki area. So now local rednecks are looking around for activists: “Your new neighbour might be an enviromental activist!”

Camp is again growing, working and not sharing its location publicly.  Anyone intrested can contact us through the channels stated in the blog, this is something that shouldn’t need to be explaned or depated.

One more thing that’s new about the camp besides the location and nonformal regrouping is that the Pyhäjoki protest camp is now indepented from Hyökyaalto (Rising Tide Finland).

Stay tuned. Bookmark the page, spread the word and conspire.

More info coming sooner than you’d expect.

Mobile-home accuired - camp is growing and evolving.
Mobile-home accuired – camp is growing and evolving.
Renovating the "new" mobile-home.
Renovating the “new” mobile-home.
Day's work. Tomorow we will continue.
Day’s work. Tomorow we will continue.